When we spend time in natural settings, away from the concrete and congestion of big cities, we open ourselves to a closer connection to Spirit.

"Tim agreed to be our officiant when we were having scheduling conflicts with the individual who was supposed to marry us, and it ended up working out for the better! Not only was he incredibly conscious of what we were looking for in a ceremony, but he also brought excellent ideas to the table that allowed us to craft our perfect wedding. I have been to weddings where the ceremony felt scripted and not individualized, and Tim made sure to gather enough personal information on me and my husband so that ours was very unique to our relationship and also matched the mood of the evening. I highly recommend him those wanting an officiant who's sensitive to the needs of the couple, proactive, and thoughtful!"

~Sarah Raynor


Spiritually is not about following a specific doctrine. Spiritually is about exploring a connection to a creative life force or energy, often called God, that is greater than yourself, however that expresses Itself in your life. It is your personal Truth, and Love is the clearest expression of Its existence.

Tim feels that there is no greater power in the Universe than Love. It is the expression of God, of the Creative Energy that is the source of all that is. This Energy operates in balance and harmony throughout the Universe and is expressed each time two people come together to publicly declare their love for each other.

Whether your plans are for a Yosemite wedding, a celebration at Bass Lake or an intimate gathering by a mountain stream your ceremony will be blessed by this connection to nature.


About Tim

Tim Madden has been an ordained minister since 2010. He received a Bachelors Degree in Spiritual Studies from Emerson Institute and is currently enrolled in the Seminary of the Sierra. For more than 35 years Tim has lived in small communities in Big Sur, the San Gabriel Mountains and the Sierra Nevada.